Boost the Value of your Home

1.Renovate your kitchen   Your cool home improvement ideas must start with the renovation of the kitchen. Instead of going for a deluxe kitchen, you can simply alter the hues of the kitchen to make it look good and functional. Fresh paint, in modern colours, can go a long way when you are looking for home improvement […]

Internet of Things The future of transport is here. Are you ready?

Photo: Max Talbot-Minkin/Flickr Technology is transforming transport with a speed and scale that are hard to comprehend. The transport systems of tomorrow will be connected, data-driven, shared, on-demand, electric, and highly automated. Ideas are moving swiftly from conception, research and design, testbed to early adoption, and, finally, mass acceptance. And according to projections, the pace of innovation […]

Transform Your Home To Brand New

Finished Basement Another beneficial use of home improvement dollars is to finish your basement. Typically, basements extend under the entire base of your home. It is a relatively inexpensive way to increase the living space in your home, as compared to a home addition. Even leaving part of the basement unfinished for a storage area, […]

Africa Adventure Tours – Feel the Excitement

There are many ways that you could express your adventurous spirit in Africa, and lots of different tour choices to fulfill your desires. Take a thrilling wildlife tour, a calming fire retreat, or just enjoy one of the numerous luxurious hotels on Africa’s beautiful beaches. However, typically the most popular tours are individuals that get […]

10 healthy lifestyle tips for adults

  Eat a variety of foods Base your diet on plenty of foods rich in carbohydrates Replace saturated with unsaturated fat Enjoy plenty of fruits and vegetables Reduce salt and sugar intake Eat regularly, control the portion size Drink plenty of fluids Maintain a healthy body weight Get on the move, make it a habit! […]


A well-designed interior not only needs to serve a purpose or function, but also needs to create a sense of character. This is especially important whilst considering the interior styling of your office. Infotex are currently undergoing some redesigns to the interiors of both the Melton and London offices, which has prompted a lot of […]

Motivate Your Staff With Office Interior Design

Noise Control Noise is a common issue in the workplace, but employees react differently to its presence (or lack thereof). Some employees find noise stimulating and silence distracting, while others need near-silence to be productive. It may also depend on the type of work performed. Some creative workers love the stimulation of music, while others, […]


The Modern Man cave As well as making a dent in your pockets (all in the name of investment of course!) extensions to your home such as orangeries, conservatories and garden rooms be a drain on creative resources too. There are a plethora of design ideas to draw on both online and in luxury home magazines, […]

3 & 5 Piece outdoor setting

3 Piece Outdoor Setting If you are looking for a rustic patio furniture setting for a residential backyard deck or need commercial outdoor furniture, please browse our pages of bush outdoor timber furniture settings to help formulate what is possible for your custom order. 3 Piece Outdoor Setting – Seats 8   Timber is 50mm […]