Grilling Secrets of Big Fancy Restaurants

If you are someone who loves to eat grilled meats and other types of fresh foods, then you know that when you make it at home it may be good, but somehow it never quite meets up with the higher standards at a really good grill restaurant.

This is the kind of thing that makes you wonder just what it is they have over you. You know that you grill on a classy propane grill, just like they do. So now the question is, what are they doing that you aren’t? Here are a few tips on what may be giving them the big advantage.

Veggies and the Grill

Above and beyond having great steaks, I love it when a grill knows exactly how to make their grilled veggies stay crisp, tasty and flavorful. Needless to say, there is a trick to this and I recently found out what one of them could be doing differently. It is all in the preparation, which should come as no surprise as that is often the case with grilled veggies.

The trick is to put those puppies into ice water, in fact put them into a bucket of water that actually has ice in it. Do this for a short amount of time right before you put them on the grill. This trick will make sure there is plenty of moisture trapped in the veggies while they are grilling. The results are tasty, moist and yet with enough crunch to make them feel right as well as taste delicious.

Tenderize Tricks

While we like to think that we have picked out the perfect cut of meat for our grill, sometimes it can be a bit on the lean side. This will make it hard to grill and not be tough, as it will lose a lot of moisture in the grilling process. The cure?

Tenderize the meat, of course. But not just in the same old way you have always done. This time, add a bit of onion juice to the meat before you begin to tenderize. The onion juice will act as an agent to help break down the meat fibres, giving you a more tender and moist cut to put on that grill.

Grilled Sauces

Want a killer sauce to sit with that grilled steak? Start by taking the ingredients and grilling them right there on the grill. I usually use a skewer to grill them and then once that is done I toss them in a blender for that perfect smoky sauce flavor.

Cooking with Charcoal

If you insist on cooking with charcoal, here is a flavor tip from a 5-star chef. Wait for the charcoal to become embers before grilling. If you cook over the flames you will get food that tastes like the lighter fluid instead of that deep-down grilling taste. When it is down to the embers, then grill for a fuller flavor.